Marie Montard


The computer generated fantastic
imaginary world of Marie Montard


Welcome to Internet Avallon Ltd.

Our very first range of exclusive and original
products for you, feature the works of the
highly acclaimed French artist
Marie Montard.

Marie Montard

Marie Montard collected on her travels thousands of
digital images of different parts of France, historical,
architectoral, and unusual images.

These images now serve as a database for her imagination
to produce her unique images that have been called

"a short circuit to dreams".

Village of spirits by Marie Montard
Village of spirits by Marie Montard

Until now the images of Marie Montard could
only be purchased at her exibitions.

We are delighted to annouce for the first time the
images of Marie Montard may now be
obtained via the Internet,

 Rue de l'Esperance by Marie Montard
Rue de l'Esperance by Marie Montard

Normally the images of Marie Montard are framed and under glass
when purchased, this is not a viable option by mail order.

OK, you could receive a print rolled up in a cardboard tube
and have it framed locally. However if the print became
damaged or creased you have a problem.

As we do not want you to have a problem,

we had to re-think the situation.

Below is the result with a great advantage for you.

7.Au fond des bois by Marie Montard
Deep in the woods by Marie Montard

The orginal fine quality print ready JPG image is supplied with what

Below is a copy of the licence as you can no doubt understand
this is more than just selling you a print on paper.
Welcome to the Internet.

LRR Licence





For collection 1


You are hereby given right and entitlement to reproduce the images in collection 1 by whatever medium and size you want for your own personal use.

You may give reproductions as gifts to who ever you want.

You may use the images on your website or any publication that is yours.

You may NOT sell, hire,or obtain money by use of the images.

You may NOT distribute the images or make them available to the general public.

You may NOT change the original images.


As the downloadable print ready JPG image is supplied
this in turn means a dramatic price reduction for you.

* No waiting!

* No postage!

* No packaging!

* No insurance!

Just copy the image to a USB key and give
it to your local printer...That's it!

Well not quite!

You do NOT obtain 1 image if you decide to buy, you obtain 6!
Yes that's right six of Marie Montard's most popular
images, that would cost you hundreds
if purchased at her exibitions.

You may aquire all six with the purchase of a license for only

* 20 US Dollars;

As stated above "a dramatic price reduction for you.", you may
view the images you will receive, featured below.
Again, "welcome to the Internet".

All the best...


Internet Avallon Ltd

PS. These images are excellent for hanging in all kinds of waiting rooms.


Collection 1

All measurements are in centimeters

Marie Montard

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rue des libres
Rue des livres by Marie Montard

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