art by marie montard
Village of sprits.

About me.

My passion for stone dates from my childhood. From a father who painted and a mother enamored by old architecture, I had the chance to travel in France and parts of Europe at a time when tourism was still embryonic. It was an opportunity for me to discover the wonders that we had inherited from the past "our heritage".

Early on, I was dazzled by the harmony and simplicity of the buildings I encountered this passion was constantly renewed by the sight of any Roman bridge or little fountain, this fascination was reinforced and confirmed by two experiences: The archaeological excavations at St Pere Sous Vezelay and my moving into a farmhouse in Haute Provence, where I stayed for five years.

art by marie montard
Village of towers.

After twenty years of Parisian life, I moved into an old farmhouse in Burgundy and I started collecting pictures of everything I loved from the past: doors, windows, streets, roofs, facades, towers etc. ... These images were taken mainly in the south of the Yonne (Noyers, Avallon, Vezelay, Montreal), but there are also images from elsewhere (Cote d'Or, Nievre, Saone et Loire, Provence, Brittany, Tuscany, Republic Czech ...)

At the same time as I collected my images I began computer training to acquire the techniques known as digital art.( art numerique) I thus isolated elements out of their context to create a fictional world that is both coherent and built with a tolerance of 1 pixel.

art by marie montard
Deep in the woods.

In fact, I'm recycling. The selection and juxtaposition of simple elements being designed to enhance their charm. I'm am creating, sharing a world where I feel good, where the ugliness of daily exsistance (Concrete panels, cars) gives way to another possible world.

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